Services are offered on a Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly basis or for Special Projects. Our rates are based upon the length of the agreement, the type of work being performed, and the travel time involved.

We will provide assistance based on your particular corporate needs and objectives. If your business grows and you decide to hire a permanent full-time employee to take over the financial functions, we will work to provide a smooth transition and will remain available for assistance as needed in the future. A large organization may need qualified staff to assist with a project lasting several months. In such cases it might be impractical to hire full-time employees, so outsourcing the entire assignment or a portion of the assignment often makes more sense.

Outsourcing your back office functions may or may not be in the best interests of your firm. Please contact us at your convenience and together we can review your needs to see if our service would be beneficial to you.


We will work with you to design and implement an accounting solution that works best for you and your firm. While each client presents a unique situation, this typically involves; QuickBooks Set Up, Accounts Payable, Invoicing & Accounts Receivable, Recording of Deposits, Bank and Credit Card Account Reconciliation, Making Necessary Adjusting Entries, and Preparation of Financial Statements.

Finance & Operations

The services we offer include; Cash Flow Projection, Cash Management, Budgeting, Project Management, Monthly & Quarterly Billing, Contribution & Inception Billing, Process Mapping, Workflow Management, and Recordkeeping.


We are available to Set Up and/or Administer your Benefits Package for you and your staff. This often involves handling a combination of the following; 401(k)’s, SIMPLES, SEP’s, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Worker’s Comp Insurance / Audits.

Practice Management

We help you streamline your business to create a more effective and profitable enterprise. We generally focus on areas such as operations, procedures and workflow, and cash flow acceleration. We understand the industry and help you manage the “business” side of your firm.

Disaster Recovery

We understand the importance and sensitivity of client financial data.  Our customer’s data is safe and secure through use of multiple redundant backups, thus ensuring the easy recovery of data due to emergencies or natural disasters. This service is free with an ongoing consulting services agreement.

Virtual Office

When you become a client of TurnkeyCFO, you have the choice of allowing us to automatically track and prepare your bill payments for you. You can have invoices sent directly to us where we will then date & time stamp them upon arrival, automatically prepare checks for payment if they are within a given pre-determined variance (or email you for approval), record their payment within the accounting system, and update your cash flow projections for the remainder of the period.

Remote Access

Another choice that you will have when you become a client of TurnkeyCFO is if you would like for us to create a digital file cabinet for you on our server. Within this area, we can provide you with updated Financial Statements / Projections in order for you to make timely decisions regarding your business. All reports are kept within a secure, password-protected environment and provide you with the capability to review and print documents as needed and at your convenience.